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Welcome to my blog! Here we will chat about home decor, design, color, recipes, decorating tips and ideas, and all things that make a house a home.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mothers Day Giveaway contest

And the winner is.........Courtney at-courtneyscutler@yahoo.com!!  Congratulations to Courtney and her choice of item #86, the English Garden Wreath.  Thank you to ALL that entered!!  I hope you enjoyed this contest and watch for more in the future.  Have a wonderful Mothers Day from Tracy's Florals!! 


  1. I am so very excited to hang my beautiful wreath on my front door! I've been showing my coworkers tonight at work, and giving them your web address... hopefully you will get an order or two from my friends at work! I will send you a picture when I hang it. Thanks again so very much. I emailed you my address and information as well. This definitely makes my Mother's day!

    1. Congratulations and Happy Mothers Day Courtney!! I received your email and the wreath will ship out on Monday. Thanks for entering!